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Date: 03/01/2011
Task: Started on the roll bar.


Tonight I started on the canopy roll bar assembly. There were several parts to fabricate so I did as much as I could with a band saw. We are still waiting for a new blade to arrive.

The F-631E splice plates were already cut to size so I marked and drilled one, and then clamped the second one behind the first, and match-drilled.


Next I measured and marked the cut lines on the large F-631C/D angles. I also drilled some of the rivet holes since I didn't need the part to be cut to do so.

Then I found some scrap angles from the seat-backs and marked the F-732D/E angles. These will be used to secure the U-channel crossmember from the roll bar to the back F-706 bulkhead.

Lastly I found the two F-631A channels which will serve as the rear half. I measured and drilled a pilot hole for the 2" hole that needs to be drilled. The holes allows a socket access to the two bolts which secure the roll-bar assembly down to the F-705 bulkhead.