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Date: 02/21/2011
Task: Finished seat back braces, drilled replacement control column mount, and match drilled F-704K.


We had several odds and ends to finish up this evening. It seems we are able to get a lot accomplished during our longer build sessions on the weekends but every once in a while need to spend a good day or two with small tasks. Today it was finishing the seat back braces. I drilled them to the hinges already but needed to finish by cutting lightening holes and making some cuts on the ends.

Sorry for the blurry picture. I first marked and cut the edges of the seat braces. This is presumably to reduce weight and allow more freedom of movement. Notice the pilot holes for the 4 lightening holes.

Next we ventured over to the drill press and brought out the most dangerous tool in my toolbox, the fly-cutter. Frankly the tool scares me. It is a weight that spins around at several hundred RPM an inch away from center on the drill press. This causes the press to move around quite a bit an is very unstable. I typically enlint some help when using the fly-cutter to make sure everything is held in place well.

The next task was to replace the left control column mount. When we were making the relief for the seat ribs, I didn't realize the air saw blade was hitting the mount/bearing. I was not willing to keep the mount if its integrity was at all compromised. So we measured, marked, and match-drilled the new mount.

Once drilled, we marked the relief area to save weight. The band saw here in the shop is currently lacking a blade, so we'll have to wait untill the new one arrives before cutting this piece.

Lastly we match-drilled the F-704K on the spar reinforcement. These serve as cosmetic caps to cover the two halves of the spar. Down the road we will probably install map lights in these.