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Date: 02/19/2011
Task: Finished seat backs - Continued work on forward deck


I was unexpectadly able to spend quite a large amount of time on the project today! I got a lot accomplished which is always a motivating aspect of the project. I started with the forward deck which this week I finished several parts for. The seal support was clecod to the whole sub panel assembly and the I inserted it back into the fuselage. I match drilled all holes and dimpled several of the parts. Other than the forward top skin, the forward deck is almost complete. Next I moved on to the F-7114 gussets and then the forward covers. See descriptions under each picture.


The forward deck cleco'd back into the fuselage after the seal support was fabricated.

Using 1/4 and 5/16 hardware store bolts, I installed the F-7114 forward fuselage gussets. In the -7A model, the landing gear weldments would normally go in this place. In our case the gussets just tie the lower longerons to the F-704 wing spar.

Once bolted in place I used the holes in the outter side-skin to drill through the gussets. I started with #40 and then opoened the holes up to #30. Once we install the wings and the spars are in their final position, I'll open the holes up to 1/4" for AN3 bolts.

The next big task to conquor was the forward covers. The F-782D angle must be fabricated and drilled to the F-7101 doubler plate. The problem is positioning the F-782D angle in place and locking it in position once the forward cover is removed. After a lot of headscratching I got the idea of using the stiff piece of aluminum that was originally pop riveted to the forward deck rails for temporary stiffening. The bar worked perfectly because was extremely rigid and easy to clamp to the Z-brackets. I used C-clamps to clamp the bar in place and then another clamp to hold F-782D to the bar.

Once clamped I used an angle drill to drill the 3 mounting holes to #40.

Once drilled I marked the approximate location of the screw holes to ensure I had the required edge distance.

Then I match-drilled the angle using the forward cover.

Next I opened up the screw holes for a #8 screw.

Once match-drilled I installed a K1000-08 nutplate and drilled the rivet holes.

I used my Dremel to make the cutout of the fuel suppl y line hole.

Here are both F-782 brackets once finished. The nutplate rivet holes still needs to be dimpled. That was it!


Miscellaneous task: installed a nutplate for the forward cover in-between the seats.

To finish the day off I installed and clecod the F-704K spar cap. It basically acts as an aesethetic cap for the two spar reinforcment pieces.