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Date: 02/17/2011
Task: Finished seat backs - Continued work on forward deck


Today I finished the seat backs! I rounded the corners on the top reinforcement angle so that it can nest in the top bent part of the seat and then mark and drill the holes along it. I also drilled the bottom hinge in place and then opened all the holes to #30. My cleco clamps were put to good use again. They work really well for holding hinges in place.

The seat backs are done! They look great in the fuselage!

I had a little extra time tonight so I decided to drill the seal supports to the left and right outboard sub-panel. I first made a template with paper and a pencil. I traced the curved edge onto paper and then marked in 1/8" every few inches. I moved the sub-panel down and drew another curved lne. I cut it out, placed it on the sub-panel, and then placed the seal support on the 1/8" offset mark and drilled. This method worked like a charm!

I then repeated for the other side.

Seal supports drilled #30 to both left and right sub-panels.

Lastly I fabricated the center sub-panel seal support and drilled it into place. This one was substantially easier since it only had to be fluted for the minimal curve.