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Date: 02/13/2011
Task: Fabricated F-782D and worked on the forward deck


Today I fabricated the F-782D angle support for the forward kick-plates. The QuickBuilders installed 4 other brackets on F-704 but left these ones for the builder to fabricate. They are right in front of the F-704 wing spar and in front of both seats. The fuel supply lines go through these plates and into the fuel valve cover.

See the F-782D angle supports on the lower right. This part will be the end support for the forward covers. The F-7114-L gusset shown (light gray part) does not fit quite as advertised. Both sides are about 1/16" too far inboard. I need to call Van's on this one. The Quickbuilders did everything in this area so I had no control over fit.

Dewey finished up the F-768D seal supports. They took a lot of work to get to this point!

Next I found the correct angle stock and fabricated the reinforcement angle for the seatbacks. We plan on using the Classic Aero Interior seats which do not require these seatbacks, however I've heard it is a good idea to make them anyway as the fit is a lot better when wearing a parachute.

Finally I measured, marked, and drilled several of the corner holes in the F-637A seatbacks.