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Date: 02/09/2011
Task: Assembled interior parts

Spent a few hours tonight assembling the parts I primed last Sunday. It's amazing how it takes weeks to fabricate and prepare parts to be installed and only a few hours to assemble. I was able to get the center cabin cover, cover between seats, fuel valve cover, fuel pump cover and flap actuator assembled. I also riveted many nutplates to all the different pieces.

First I riveted the fuel pump doubler plate onto the center cabin cover. Then I installed several nutplates for securing the fuel pump, fuel pump cover, and the center cabin cover to the floor stiffeners.

Then I attached the heat baffle plate in place and installed several more nutplates onto the center cabin cover.

Using a variety of yokes on my hand squeezer, I was able to get all of the rivets on the cover inbetween the seats by squeezing them.

Here the cover has both sides riveted on.

Next I riveted the stiffenter angle onto the fuel valve cover and attached 8 nutplates.

I moved onto the flap channel where I squeezed the rivets for the bottom supports.

...Then installed nutplates around the parimeter...

... attached the doubler plates for both ends of the flap motor bolt...

...and finally squeezed the rivets for the bracket that attaches the flap channel to the F-705 channel.

Then I attached 2 nutplates to the fuel valve bracket and 3 on the fuel selector itself. The Andair fuel selector is a very well built product and far superios to the stock Van's tractor valve.

To finish off the day I installed the side covers on the fuel pump housing with AN426AD3-3 rivets.