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Date: 02/6/2011
Task: Primed cabin parts


Here are about half of the parts to be primed. Lots!

The first batch done. It was somewhat cooloutside so it took longer than normal for the parts to dry.

Here are all the parts primed!

The last task for today was drilling the hole for the ELT antenna. I got an idea off of VAF to put the antenna on the rear side of the canopy roll-bar. I used my calipers to measure the OD of the antenna and the OD of the BNC connector and laid it out in CAD to make sure I had the proper spacing in the F-757 bracket.

I drilled the center hole to 0.5" for the BNC connector to feedthru. A lock-washer and nut will secure the antenna to the bracket.

Finally I drilled 2 3/8" holes in the bulkheads on the right side to accomidate the snap-bushings for the ELT antenna coax.