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Date: 01/31/2011
Task: Forward cabin


Andy at Pacific Coast Avionics was gracious enough to cut out the Andair fuel selector mount for me after providing him a CAD drawing. The standard F-983A fuel valve plate has holes for the standard Van's tractor fuel valve which we won't be using.

After drilling the rivet holes on the bottom for the nutplates and opening all screw holes to #19. We test fit the Andair selector and it looked great.

I purposefully had the plate cut too long so we could mark and place the same bed as in the original plate, but in the downward direction to cover the opening in the fuel valve cover.

Here is the final product after bending and cutting the excess material off. Notice how the top of the fuel valve cover bows forward. I used a scrap piece of 0.25" angle and drilled 4 rivet holes in it and in the cover. It pulled everything together nicely.

The last task was to fabricate a doubler plate for the center cover where the fuel pump will be located. The center cover is somewhat thin material and it gave me warm fuzzy feelings to have the pump mounted to something a bit more solid.