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Date: 01/30/2011
Task: Fuel pump cover, center cabin cover, and forward deck

Today we got a lot of miscellaneous tasks completed. It started with lowering the fuel pump cover. Since we are using the Andair pump rather than the stock Airflow Performance pump, we won't need nearly as much room for all of the prescribed tubing. The Andair fuel selector will feed directly into the filter which is screwed into the input of the pump. A 3/8" line will run from the output of the pump to a passthru in the firewall.

Here I marked up F-7115-L/R so there was 1/2" remaining on the front edge. I used the sheer to cut it shorter and then placed it a brake to make the bend.

Once both the left and ride side were cut down and bent, I used the piece of angle I cut off as a template for the mounting holes.

Here is a trial fit of the now lower pump cover. Notice the front edge is at about 1/2 above the F-782C center cabin cover.

Next we mounted the pump housing on the center cabin cover and attached the fuel valve cover as well. Everything fit well and we drilled for the #6 and #8 nutplate.

Next we bent the heat louvers on the forward portion of F-782C. We placed the cover upside down on the workbench and used 2 2x2's to set the bend line on each louver. Using my hands, i was able to manually bend each one. It worked quite well, just be sure to start on the outside and work your way in!

The louvers on one side have been bent.

Then I completed the other side.

Next we started work on the forward deck by drilling two rivet holes in F-644-L/R. Using a piece of scrap we were able to clamp it in place and drill them using F-768A as a guide.

To finish off the day, we edge deburred all the parts I hope to prime on Sunday.