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Date: 01/25/2011
Task: Center cabin cover and forward deck

Tonight we did a lot of parts fabrication. Dewey fabricated the F-721C, F-743B, and F-703C angle brackets for the tip-up canopy deck. There are a lot of little parts to be fabricated here that all get attached to the canopy deck. Eventually the forward top skin will be drilled to riveted to may of these parts. Some are also for the instrtument panel to screw into for added support. He also fabricated the F-644-R/L forward fuselage channels and we drilled rivet holes in the F-746 engine control bracket.

While Dewey worked on the forward deck components, I worked on the F-782C center cabin cover. There were two mods that had to be done to accomidate the Andair fuel pump and filter. First, the flange on the aft end needed to be removed. I used the bandsaw to cut it off and then finished it with a file. Next I had to measure aft about 11" and make a cutout for the fuel supply line to exit the fuel pump and go down underneith the cover. I used a drill and Dremel tool to make the cutout and then a file and emry cloth to polish.

Next I made a cutout approx 3.5" wide by 1.77" high in the F-983C fuel valve cover to accomidate the fuel filter and fuel line that will come down from the fuel selector and into the filter.

We purchased the F-7115-L/R/C fuel pump cover for our Andair setup. The center housing sits quite high above the center cabin cover so I cut it down a bit. The forward edge is now about 1/2" above the center cover. This leaves plenty of room for the Andair fuel pump and filter.


Here is the Andair fuel pump and filter assembly. I purchased them at Oshkosh last year and just now realized I got the wrong filter. Ours has 2 tapered fittings whereas we need one with pipe-threads on the outflow fitting so it can screw directly into the fuel pump.