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Date: 01/23/2011
Task: Drilled flap actuator covers

This morning I had a chance to make the cutout on the left flap mechanism cover (F-760-L) for the main AN4 bolt that secures the motor to the F-766 channel. I first drilled a small hole in the cover and then used my Dremel with a sanding wheel to finish it off. Then I did some modifying to the F-758 brackets and finally match drilled the F-760-L/R brackets to the F-765A backrest brace.

I installed the whole flap mechanism and clecod the F-760-L/R covers in place. Not shown are two clamps placed on the rear backrest brace (F-765A) to hold in place while match drilling.

Once drilled, I removed the F-765A backrest brace and drilled the rivet holes for the K1000-08 nutplates.

Thanks to Bruce Swayze, I discovered that the seat back rotation may interfere with these F-758 flap actuator brackets. I measured in about 1/4" and cut a portion of the outer flange off.