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Date: 01/18/2011
Task: Drilled center flap bearing block, installed more static line clips, drilled center cabin cover

Today I was able to start by measuring and drilling the center cabin cover. The quickbuild fuselage didn't have holes drilled in the center floor stiffeners so I had to measure per the plans. I was surprised the QB'ers didn't do this as it is much easier to drill before the bottom skin is riveted on. Then I drilled out 2 rivets in the aft part of the fuse for 2 static line clips. I opened the holes up to #30 to accomodate the NAS rivets with a 1/8 shank and 3/32 head. Lastly I drilled the center flap bearing block to #10 holes and made the small relief in it for the aft seat floor.

Using the plans, I made a mark on the F-732C center section cover and then used a square to bring the line down to the floor stiffener.

Once marked, I drilled the 4 holes #40 and then progressively enlarged them untill reaching the final size of #19 for a #8 screw.

Then I began fabricating the F-680 flap bearing block. I first drilled 2 holes vertically #10 for the An3 bolt and then measured, marked, and cut away a very small section on the forward bottom potion of the block. It is cutout to prevent interference with the aft seat floor.

I then bolted the flap actuator in place and installed the bolts into the bearing blocks.

Next I fitted the F-766A channel/motor assembly to the actuator weldment. I was finally able to put those washer wrenches I bought from Avery Tools to use!

The F-766A channel was then clecod to the bottom floor, F-705 channel, and then a C-clamp was put in place to hold the F-766B to the channel for drilling.

Using the F-766A channel as a guide, I drilled through the F-766B angle.