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Date: 01/15/2011
Task: Finished F-741 tunnel support, installed static line, and started flap mechanism

Big day today! My fiance had to work all day so I used the time to work on the project. We got a lot done! I started the morning off by drilling the F-741B tunner cover. I had previously drawn it in AutoCad, hoping it would make drilling the holes easier. However I had no way of ensuring everything was lined up square, so ended up scribing lines the old fashoned way (with a marker and set of calipers).

Here is the cover with all holesdrilled in place. At this point I had not yet made the bend on the left side (as shown in the picture)

Next we clamped the F-741A supports in placed and match drilled with the lower #19 holes in the inboard seat ribs/seat floors. This wasn't ideal as I should have pre-drilled the holes before I cut all the angles on the supports. Once the supports were in place, we clamped the tunnel cover on the supports and match drilled.

Next I climbed in the back of the fuselage and installed the static line along the F-708 bulkhead. I attached a "T" fitting to the left side and temporarily ran hose to the front of the aircraft. I found that I didn't like how high the "T" fitting was as it was causing the static line to hit the bolts on the shoulder harness attach mount.

Here I've clamped several of the static line clips in place to check fit.

Next we begun installing the F-782 center cabin cover. This assembly has several pieces to it, some of which we don't yet have. First we measured and clamped the heat baffle plate in place to be drilled.

Once the heat baffle was clecod in place we inserted the firewall recess again and then placed the F-782C in place between the two center floor stiffeners. The F-983C fuel valve cover was then screwed to the F-783 cover support ribs so we could drill the lower 2 holes in the F-782C with the F-983C.

Lastly we tackled the electric flap assembly. Shown is the flap motor assembly with the worm drive actuator attachment

We fabricated several parts (F-767, F-766B and F-766C) per the plans and then installed the actuator/motor assembly in the channcel.

We then mounted the assembly to the floor and F-705 channel to check alignment and fit. Everything fit as it should and looked great!