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Date: 01/11/2011
Task: Riveted the bellcrank and misc fuse work

Today I got quite a bit of work done in the shop. I started by riveting the elevator bellcrank assembly together (for the second time). The autopilot pitch servo bellcrank hole is now to my liking. I was also able to finish the magnetometer mount shelf. Dewey fabricated the static line clips for the left longerons and then I fabricated the F-741A tunnel cover supports.



Our JetFlex water reducable interior paint arrived today!

Finished fabricating the magnetometer shelf from strach. It seems very rigit after adding pieces of angle stock on each side.


This is one one of the Advanced Flight Systems magnetometers looks like.

The F-741A tunner supports were pretty straightforward to fabricate. There are several angles that must be cut using the bandsaw.

Lastly we fabricated the static line clips. We cut the pieces of 0.25 to about an inch longer than what was specified in the plans. This made it a lot easier bending the metal around a 1/4" drill bit to set the form.