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Date: 01/05/2011
Task: Installed tailwheel, torqued bolts, installed shoulder harness anchors and rudder cables

Today I got a little bit of work done during my lunch hour and after work for a few minutes. I was able to install the tailwheel and loosely attach the casttle nut. I then inserted the two AN3 bolts on the swivel assembly in opposite directions and torqued them down. Then I installed the seatbelt shoulder harness anchor cables and torqued the anchor plate to the longerones (but left the cables just snug untill final adjustments can be made). I also started running the rudder cables from the tail forward and installed the required snap-bushings. I stopped just short of F-706 since the interior will get painted.



I also primed the inside of the static ports to prevent any corrosion. The outside is not primed as it will be prosealed to the fuselage.

Lastly I rebuilt the F-635 bellcrank. The first one had an elongated hole for the pitch servo pushrod due to misdrilling and I wasn't comfortable with that. I felt it may slip at some point during flight and cause problems down the road (none safety related).