Trevor & Dewey's RV-7 Construction Log

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Date: 01/04/2011
Task: Riveted crotch strap brackets and wiring conduit retainers

Today we riveted the ELT mounting bracket to the side skin of the fuselage, drilled the electrical conduit hangars to the baggage/seat ribs, and riveted the crotch strap brackets in place.

I was able to pull all 8 of these rivets, first by angling the ELT bracket inboard to gain access to the bottom holes, and then pulled the rivets on the top holes.

Next we installed the crotch strap brackets with LP4-3 rivets.

Now that the electrical conduit hangars have been primed, it was time to install them in the baggage/seat ribs. We simply measured how high we wanted them and then clamped, drilled, clecod, drilled the second hole, debured, and riveted with LP4-3 rivets.

Here we've pulled the electrical conduit through the baggage/seat floors to give access to both ends of the wires on the aft end of F-706 and just forward of the aft seat floors. This will provide an easy way to route wires to the aft of the airplane.