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Date: 12/19/2010
Task: Canopy deck, crotch strap brakets, deburring & dimpling

Today we started by match dilling the top of F-705G. The holes were already in the main U-channel but had to be match drilled to the large angle piece that the canopy latches into.

Here the 3 F-705 parts are clecod together, ready to be match


We then moved onto the canopy side deck. There are several places that it must be trimmed. First it gets about 1.5" removed from the top flange, and then about 1" removed from the side. This is all to ensure proper fit with the canopy later on down the road. It took some time to study DWG 18 and 25, but I finally figured it out.

Once the side rail was trimmed on the aft edge, I had to drim the inside edge to match the cutout in F-757.

Next we moved on to the crotch strap brackets. It was pretty easy to locate and drill them. Line up the rear one with a line marked 3/32" aft of the center nutplate, clamp and drill. We then used an actual crotch strap bracket from Crow to properly space the forward braket.

Once all the holes in the seat ribs were drilled and clecod, we put the front seat floors in place and match drilled through the floors into the crotch strap brackets.

Lastly we drilled a 1/4" hole through both brackets for the strap bracket to mount to.