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Date: 12/16/2010
Task: F-705 tasks

Today we did a bunch of required tasks for the F-705 bulkhead. There is a lot going on with it. It serves as the seat back support, rear wing spar attach, along with the support for the tip-up canopy to latch into. Under all the U-channels is the F-705G angle. This is a very thick piece of angle stock that needs a 1/4" hole drilled through for the static line pass-through (left side only). It is the only way to get the static line from the aft fuse forward to the panel. Next we cutout the notches in T-757-T for the canopy latch to go into. This took careful measuring, some drilling, and lots of filling. Lastly, we drilled 3 more holes in the upper longerons that go into T-757.


Here is the left T-706G angle after drilling the 1/4 hole on the right side. I marked some of the undrilled holes just to get an idea of where they would be located. The angle is thick enough that no bushing is required.

Next we moved onto T-757. Using the plans, we carefully marked the square that needs to be cutout for the canopy latch finger.

Marking 1/8" in from each side, I drilled 4 1/8" holes and then opened them up to 1/4".

A hole in the exact center opened up nicely with a unibit.

After some filing, the cutout looked great!

The left side T-757-T went even quicker as we could use the right side as a template.

Next we measured and marked the location for 3 extra holes in the upper longons. Rivets will secure the T-757 to the bottom side of the longerons.

Lastly we match-drilled through the longerons into T-757 and opened the holes up to 1/8"