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Date: 12/14/2010
Task: ELT Mount & Aft fuse wiring holes

Finished the ELT bracket today. All that remained was countersinking the holes for #8 screwns (AN515-8R8). I'm very happy with the way the ELT will be located. Out of the way and secure on the side of the tail skin between two j-stringers.Next we drilled holes in F-707, F-708, F-709, F-710, F-711 for electrical wires. Finally, we drilled out a dozen or so "keeper" pop rivets from F-705E-R/L and the upper longerons to remove F-705G to drill a 1/4 hole in the left one for the static line. We also needed to remove those rivets anyway to pull out the F-757-T plate. It needs to have a square cut out of it for the tip-up canopy latch.