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Date: 12/11/2010
Task: Seatbelt wear blocks

Today we match drilled the F-6114B and F-6114C wear blocks to the F-762 and F-751 baggage bulkheads. We also drilled and riveted 4 nutplates onto the lower bulkhead. These nutplates provide extra stability in securing the upper and lower bulkheads in place. The nutplates were installed per Detail B of Drawing 29.


Here the nutplate bolt holes are drilled and clecod. The top holes are match drilled through F-6114C.


Rear view of F-6114B/C match drilled through the upper and lower baggage covers.



Next I used my method of drilling for nutplates using an actual nutplate with a screw. I use a bunch of washers so the screw is just barely engaged in the nutplate threads. Then I position the nutplate, tighten the screw, drill one leg, insert a cleco from the rear, and drill the other leg. It works great every time!

Lastly, I fabricated the 8, 1/2" x 1/2" washers out of the provided 0.40 Alclad. Drilled them 1/8" and deburred.