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Date: 12/07/2010
Task: Seat angle brackets and center top skin

Drilled the F-705K angle peices today using a 3/16" piece of balsa as a spacer. It worked very well! we then made some wire condiut holders out of 0.32 alclad to run conduit from the aft seat area to the rear of F-706. Lastly we clecod and match drilled the F-7112 aft top skin to the fuselage.


The 3/16 balsa was placed on top of F-705 and then the F-705K angle was held tightly in position. We had already drilled the holes in F-705K per the plans to #40. After drilling and clecoing to F-705, we match drilled to 1/8.

Here are the wiring conduit hangars. They are made out of 0.32 alclad. We guessed at the dimensions, but basically it is about a 2.5" x 1.5 strip with a bend about .5 inches in and a 3/4" hole for the conduit. We made 8 of them.


Next we marked a centerline on the F-786A-R/L J-channels to be match drilled with the F-71112 aft top skin.


Then we clecod the skin to the fuselage, along F-707, F-706, the F-787 stiffener web and match drilled all the holes to #40. We also inserted the F-788 gusset into place and match drilled those holes. There are 8 holes that get drilled 1/8" that are in the skin but not in the gusset.