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Date: 12/04/2010
Task: Misc Tasks

Today was very productive! I riveted the elevator pushrod bellcrank together after the primer dried overnight. I then marked the F- 705J and drilled 9 holes in each. I will use a 3/16" piece of balsa as a spacer between F-705J and the F-705F channel. Next I drilled out 3 of the AD370AD4 rivets from F-729 mount support to accomidate the autopilot pitch servo bracket. After placing the braket 3" back of the bellcrank center hole, I drilled the 3 holes using F-729 as a guide. I then found the center of the bottom flange on the pitch servo mount and made 4 evenly spaced rivet holes #40. I match drilled through the bottom skin. Lastly I picked up an ELT mount from Van's on Friday. It is well work $15. It is available in either a left or right mount configuration. We chose to mount the ELT on the right side since the antenna will be located on that side. I simply held it in position between the two J-stringers and match-drilled the bottom holes, and then marked 4 holes on the top flange and drilled.