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Date: 11/20/2010
Task: Tailwheel Weldment install

We got a lot accomplished today! After much prep work, we drilled the two 1/4" holes in the WD-409 weldment using the F-711 bulkhead as a guide. We then drilled the two keeper rivets through F-712 and WD-409. After scuffing all the parts, we primed the aft section of the fuselage behind F-711. We also fabricated a spacer out of 0.40" alclad to go between F-711 and WD-409.


Starting with a #30 drill bit, we progressively worked up to a 1/4" bit for the AN4 bolts that will go through F-711 into the tailwheel weldment.

After drilling both holes we drilled the keeper rivet holes in F-712 and WD-409. We had some help at the hangar today to keep the weldment straight and level for drilling.

Next we scuffed up the interior parts, weldment, and F-712 bulkead and prepped to prime with Napa 7220 self-etching primer.