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Date: 11/3/2010
Task: Mounted control stick weldments & brake fitting doubler

Started the day by fabricating F-601TD, the high-pressure brake line firewall passthrough. It is simply a .063 piece of alclad match drilled through the firewall with 2 large holes for the brake fittings.


After discovering the quickbuilders didn't make a relief for the access holes in the F-716 ribs for the control weldments, we had to pull out the Dremel and tin snips to cut away at the upper forward corner. They were not quite finished when this picture was taken. To clean things up I used a sanding wheel on a Dremel.

We then mounted the WD-610 control weldments to the F-633 mounts. There was sufficient free range of motion. I also had to drill out the bushings in the weldments to 1/4" for an AN4 bolt.