Trevor & Dewey's RV-7 Construction Log

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Date: 10/31/2010
Task: Fuse inspection

We've officially completed inspection of the fuselage. Everything looked great! I couldn't find anything that was out of place, drilled incorrectly, or any rivets that didn't look satisfactory. Below is a list of the tasks remaining up until Mounting the Wings. I don't think they will take all that long!

  • Fabricate F-601TD brake hose doubler bracket.
  • Fit WD-610 and WD-611/612 control stick bases. DWG 38. Remove as a unit
  • Drill F-705J angle, F-705K plate, and F-705L seat adjustment support on F-705F channel
  • Fit and drill F-661EWE Flap bearing blocks. Drill out blocks with #10 if necessary. Remove/Store
  • Drill static line mounting holes
  • Drill/mount static ports
  • Seal firewall
  • Fit WD-409 tail spring. Relieve F-779 aft skin for mount. DWG 27. Open center hole for socket
  • Drill/Mount WD-409 to F-711/712 ribs.
  • Rivet F-711 bulkhead to F-779 and bolt WD-409
  • Dimple/rivet through open holes where step is located
  • Open rudder cable hole to 5/8" on F-902-L&R forward bulkheads
  • Make F-796C/D spacers on DWG 38. Drill top 3/32" hole in spacers but leave other holes open
  • Make F-796B angle and drill top hole. Drill 3/16" hole to #30
  • Continue with Installing the Forward Bulkheads
  • Installing the Rudder and Brake Pedals
  • Level fuselage
  • Fabricate F-635 bellcrank
  • Fitting the Forward top Skin
  • Finishing the Cabin
  • Install baggage tie-down rings
  • The Baggage Compartment
  • Rivet the aft seat floors to the floor ribs
  • Forward Seat Floors and Control Rod Tunnel
  • Seat Backs
  • Forward Covers
  • The Electric Flaps