Trevor & Dewey's RV-7 Construction Log

Fuselage - Main

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Date: 10/28/2010
Task: Started fuse inspection

We've officially begun work on the fuselage! Today we started by removing all of the removable panels that the quickbuilders installed. This included the seat floors, baggage area floors and side-walls, vertical seat back support, and baggage bulkhead cover. This allowed us access to all the inner areas for inspection.
Our plan is to go through the instructions, line by line, as if we were slow building the fuselage. This will verify the quickbuilders did everything correctly and allow us to become more familiar with the fuselage structure.

The plans have us start with the firewall. After verifying all the reinforcement angles and gussets had been fabricated and assebled correctly, we then installed the firewall recess and final drilled all the holes. I then used a file to round all the edges of the recess. Stainless-steel is very sharp!

Next we moved-on to the F-705 bulkhead. This is the massive assembly the wing spars mount to. After staring at it for awhile and looking at the plans, we found everything to be complete in this section of the instructions.All holes were to proper size, rivets looked acceptable, and snap-bushing holes were drilled to final size.