Trevor & Dewey's RV-7 Construction Log

Empennage - Vertical Stabilizer

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Date: 9/8/2009
Task: Riveted the VS skin to the front spar and rib assembly.

This went extremely fast now that we've driven at least a few hundred rivets! We started at the intersection of VS-702 and VS-707 and worked our way to the tip of the VS, riveting every other hole. Starting back at that intersection, we then riveted every other rivet down to the bottom of the front spar. We then drove the rivets from the front spar to the rear along VS-702. Rinse and Repeat for the other side. We then took all the clecos out and set all the rest of the rivets on each side. Lastly, we squeezed the rivets along the top and bottom ribs, VS-706 & VS-705.

Started by taping the inside of the front spar so the bucking bar wouldn't leave marks. This method worked very well. I also found that by taping the top of the rivets prevented mar marks from the flush set. It takes just a little longer to prep but is very effective and looks great!

Clecod every other hole, started at the middle and worked toward the tip. Then started back at the middle and worked towards the bottom spar. Lastly, started at the middle and riveted accross the main spar.

Here is the nose rib, VS-706. Notice the extra hole with a grommet and wire? That is for a future wire run for a camera mounted in the tip of the VS.

The grommet with wire through the bottom rib, VS-705. The wire is so I have something to pull the video/power
cables through.

The VS is halfway riveted!

Here I am squeezing the rivets on the end ribs.