Trevor & Dewey's RV-7 Construction Log

Empennage - Vertical Stabilizer

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Date: 9/3/2009
Task: Picked up som NAS1097AD4-3.5 rivets from Van's. As you may have seen in the previous log entries, I put an extra hole in the VS skin with the C-Frame after not having the correct hole set in the male die correctly. I sought advice from VAF and over builders in my area and found a solution. I used two flush dies on the C-Frame to flatten the extra dimple. I then dimpled the correct hole next to it. I found that the holes are very close together and a rivet in the correct hole nearly covers up the added hole. I decided to use what's called an "oops rivet" to fill the hole better. The opps rivet is an NAS1097AD4-3.5. Its basically an AN3 rivet with the shank of an AN4. This means I will drill out the hole to #30 which will almost eliminate the two holes next to each other. This will help retain structural integrity and look just like all the other rivets in that line. You'd never know if you looked at the VS.

The rivet on the left is a standard AN426AD4-3.5 while the opps rivet on the right has
the same countersunk head size, but a shank size of an AN4 rivet.