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Empennage - Vertical Stabilizer

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Date: 9/2/2009
Task: Primed the VS parts

Today I had the chance to try out my HPLV spray gun with Stewart Systems EkoPrime. I first cleaned all the parts with soap and water, then etched with EkoEtch and a ScotchBrite pad (also from Stewart Systems). I first dilluted the primer with 1/3 water but the parts had severe orange peel. I then diluted another batch with 1/4 water and it seemed to go on much better. I do need to call Dan over at Stewart Systems to ask about the quantity of primer being used. It seems like I'm using much more than necessary but the parts are covered as they should be. I've done all the VS parts and used nearly half a quart. That seems like a lot, but maybe not. I've never sprayed before so am not really sure what to expect.