Trevor & Dewey's RV-7 Construction Log

Empennage - Vertical Stabilizer

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Date: 8/23/2009
Task: Started the vertical stabilizer

Today I was able to start the vertical stabilizer. What a breeze it was compared to the HS! I started by bending VS-808PP straight. It came from Van's with a bit of a bend due to the punching machine. I attached the rudder hinge brackets (VS-410PP, VS-411PP, and VS-412PP) to the VS-803PP rear spar and match drilled to the VS-803PP doubler. Ribs VS-704/705/706, and 707
were fluted and attached to the front and rear spars. All rib/spar holes were drilled for AN4 rivets. The VS-801PP skin was then cleco'd into position.

I had a helper tonight! Thanks to Eric Kemnitzer for proving that much neede third hand! Eric is a fellow flight instructor at Willamette Aviation.Eric is now a pro at fluting ribs and operating the highly advanced cleco insertion/removal tool.

Here I am with the completed VS skeleton.

The skin is on, its really starting to look like part of an airplane!