Trevor & Dewey's RV-7 Construction Log

Empennage - Rudder

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Date: 9/16/2009
Task: Riveted the skins onto the rudder skeleton.

I borrowed a longeron yoke from a -9 builder at my airport. I used it to get to the rivets that attach the R-901 skins to the R-904 bottom rib and R-710 brace. They are tricky to get to due to the angle of the brace. After some time adjusting the rivet set I was able to get them squeezed. I wasn't, however, able to reach the forward most bottom rivets. The plans call out for LP4-4 blind rivets but they are 1/8", so I need to find a pop rivet 1/8" dimple die.

The right skin is clecod to the skeleton and I've set most of the rivets along the R-902 spar. I used back riveting tape on top and squeezed most of the rivets. I've found that the tape keeps the manufactured heads very clean. I had to drive a few of the rivets that my 3" yoke couldn't reach.

Here is the left skin in position to be riveted to the spar.

I then inserted the R-903 tip rib and clecod it into place. There are several different sized rivets used here so I took a few extra moments to make sure I was using the correct sizes.

I've gotten in to habit of putting tape along the bottom of the rivets so the yoke or bucking bar doesn't scratch the under structure. I squeezed all of the rivets to the aft of the 710 brace.

Here I've finished riveting the left skin to the counterbalance skin and tip rib.

The skins have been riveted to the front spar and the bottom rib.