Trevor & Dewey's RV-7 Construction Log

Empennage - Rudder

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Date: 9/2/2009
Task: Started the rudder today. I organized all the parts and laid out the skins. I studied the drawings for awhile to fully understand how the stiffeners are supposed to be shaped. Van's does a great job with their punch machine. They basically give you the dimensions and you simply have to cut a straight line. It did take some sanding on the ScotchBrite wheel to break all the edges and shape correctly. I didn't have a lot of time today so only got the right side completed. After taking the right side rudder skin out of the box today I noticed some pretty deep scratches. I removed the acrylic and could tell the scratches were through the alclad. I took the skin over to Van's while picking up some extra rivets and they decided it replace the skin for me. Thanks Van's!

Here are the stiffeners. They come in 8 long sections that must be first cut in half.


Next I had to draw a cut line from the end to the pre-punched mark.


Here is another view of the large cut to be made on each stiffener.


Here is a stiffener that has been cut. It still needs to be sanded and deburred

All right side stiffeners cut

Here the stiffeners are laid out on the right skin. You can see they must be trimmed with exception to the bottom one. I used the finished edge on the last one to mark the edge on each other stiffener to be cut.

2 Stiffeners completed!