Trevor & Dewey's RV-7 Construction Log

Empennage - Horizontal Stabilizer

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Date: 9/1/2009
Task: Today I finished the rear spar by torquing the 4 AN3 bolts that secure the HS-411 assembly to 23 in/lbs. I then went to work on the forward spar, and riveted HS-710/714 to HS-702. HS-405 and HS-404 were then riveted to the forward spar assembly. Driving rivets with two hands is getting pretty easy. I love my Tungsten bucking bar, it really makes a difference over steel.
My dad came out to help me this evening as well. Riveting the skin is a two person job and we certainly needed it!

Riveted HS-702 to HS-710/714 stiffeners (Front Spar)

Left side complete, on to the right side. Notice the flush AN426 rivets on the center section. That is where the HS mounts to the aft fuselage. The green tape is covering the 4 holes that will be the attach points. They will be enlarged to 3/16" when mounting.

Completed front spar!

Riveted HS-405/404 to the front spar


Both sides completed!

My new light fixture! The hangar has terrible lighting at night. Thanks to a fellow aircraft builder for lending this fixture to me! I'm sure I'll get a bill for rent after the project!


My father holding the left HS as we prepare to rivet the bottom side of HS-707

The first AN426 rivets! They look great! I'm REALLY glad I chose the 2X gun rather than the 3X after a recommendation from Rob Hickman of Advanced Flight Systems. He has built to beautiful RV's, an RV-4 and -10.

The skin with HS-707 riveted and the front spar and HS-706 clecod in place.

HS-708 to HS-702 to HS-707 was blind riveted. I'm going to do everything I can to not use blind rivets on outer surfaces.

HS-702 has been riveted! The main rib HS-708 remains.


The left side HS is nearly completed. The edge ribs will be driven or sqeezed in the morning!