Trevor & Dewey's RV-7 Construction Log

Empennage - Horizontal Stabilizer

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Date: 8/27/2009
Task:Prepped the HS ribs and spars for priming.
Primed the left side ribs and spars.

This morning I washed all the HS ribs and spars with dawn and water to degrease. I then washed with alcohol and again with warm water and allowed time to dry. Realizing I was out of primer I had to make a run to Napa to buy a few more cans of MS 7220. It seems to be working well. I think I'm applying a little too much, so I'm going to back off on the VS and just go for a ghost coat. I'm thinking of only priming the rivet lines on the inner skins too. They are coated with alclad so priming the skins to begin with is really not necessary.

Here are the left/right ribs drying after a thorough cleaning.

The front and rear spars after cleaning

Priming the left side HS parts.