Trevor & Dewey's RV-7 Construction Log

Empennage - Horizontal Stabilizer

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Date: 8/24/2009
Task: Prepared HS for priming

After priming VS-164 with MS 7220 self-etching primer I was able to convince my father to come out and help me this evening with the HS. We started with the HS-411 assembly which had to be riveted. I set the first three, he did the last three. They looked great! Thats 6 down, 9,994 to go. We then enlarged the HS-411 mounting holes to #12 with the rear spar and stiffner. Next we took the skins off and drilled the 3 remaining holes on each side of HS-710 and HS-714 to both HS-704's. The skeleton was disassembled and we began the all so fun task of deburring all the parts. What a LONG process. Each hole needs to be deburred, both sides, then the edges must be deburred and run across the 3M wheel. Next task is to dimple all the ribs and skins.