Trevor & Dewey's RV-7 Construction Log

Empennage - Horizontal Stabilizer

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Date: 8/22/2009
Task: Assembled Left HS

Today I started by putting the 6 degree bend in HS-710/714 and both HS-702 forward spars. This required first trimming the flanges on HS-702. I then got all the spars together and marked them for the left or right side. I fluted HS-404/405/706/707/708 and attached them to the forward spar (HS-702) and to the rear spar assembly (HS-603PP). Spar HS-404 required special trimming and shaping to fit the -7. HS-710 and 714 lay beneith the nose rib so it must be trimmed accordingly. I then slid ribs HS-404/405 into position, clamped, and match drilled the forward and aft flanges to the forward/rear spars. Once that was complete I was able to match drill both HS-405/405 using the skin as a guide. I then match drilled HS-702 to the skin. Finally, I match drilled all skin to rib holes in preperation for AN3 rivets.

HS-710/714 cleco'd to HS-702 with all bends complete.

Attached HS-601PP skin to the front and rear spars, and HS-706/707/708 ribs. I then placed HS-404/405 into place to be match drilled.

HS-702 has been match drilled along with HS-404-405