Trevor & Dewey's RV-7 Construction Log

Empennage - Horizonal Stabilizer

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Task: Started HS

I started by using my Scotchbrite wheel to break the edges of HS-609PP. I had to ensure the bend radius in HS-609PP did not lift the reinforcement piece.

Here are both HS-609PP completed

HS-609PP cleco'd on HS-603PP and match drilled #30.

I then attached the elevator hinge brackets (HS-412PP and HS-413PP) to HS-603PP. The also needed to be match drilled #30.

Here are HS-411APP and HS-411BPP with the bearing piece (VA-146) sandwiched in between. I had to match drill HS-411APP. Note the picture below where HS-411APP doesn't have holes yet for VA-146.


Next I started the font spar by mounting the HS-714 and HS-710 reinforcement splices to the HS-702 channels.

Here I've matched drilled HS-710/714 to HS-702 #30.

Next came the shaping of HS-710/14. Notice the black Sharpie marks 5 3/16" from center on either side. This is where the 6 degree bend will go.