Trevor & Dewey's RV-7 Construction Log

Empennage - Fiberglass Tips

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Date: 10/30/2009
Task: Finished sanding the left and right HS/Elevator tips. Riveted the HS tips in place. Took the Elevators to Metal Innovations to have the control horns welded shut.

A few days ago I flipped the HS over and laid down some micro to smooth out the edges between the HS and Elevators. I then sanded with an 80-grit sanding block, 120-grit block, and then 320 grit to finish it off.


I then used a hack saw to cut through the elevator/hs tips. This method worked VERY well. It allows the edges between the two tips to flow very well.

After a bit more sanding and finishing, I pop riveted the left tip in place. I half-squeezed each rivet, alternating holes. I then set every other rivet to ensure uniform pressure.

The final result of the left HS tip.


I then went to work on the right HS tip. I had to sand/file the aft corners of the HS a little bit before putting the tip in for riveting. I then set the rivets on both sides.

The left tip riveted in place.

I then went to work on the bottom tip of the rudder and used a #27 countersink bit to countersink the holes for washers. The tip needs to be removable because a strobe light will be installed.

Lastly, I riveted nutplates on the reinforcement strip for the tip of the VS. I want the fairing removable because I'll install a camera in the tail at some point down the road.