Trevor & Dewey's RV-7 Construction Log

Empennage - Fiberglass Tips

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Date: 10/14/2009
Task: Worked on aligning the elevators better by adjusting the rod-end bearings. We also epoxied the reinforcement strips onto the fiberglass tips.Also realigned the rod for the trim tab.

After noticing the trim push-rod was rubbing against the forward part of the slot, I decided to bend the rod about 10 degrees. It worked perfectly!

Tonight we mixed up the West Sytems expoxy. The mini-pumps sure make getting the right porportions easy. We clecod every hole and used cleco clamps between holes to help secure the reinforcement strips in place.

Here is one of the tips with the reinforcement strips clecod on and the balsa wood in place. We will later lay 2 layers of glass and then filler in the open area.

Here is the West Systems epoxy we are using with the mini pumps. We decided on the Slow hardener (206) to maximize the pot life.

A close-up of the balsa wood end cap. After this cures 2 layers of glass will be laid and then lots of glass bubble filler which will get sanded down to final fit.