Trevor & Dewey's RV-7 Construction Log

Empennage - Left Elevator

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Date: 10/09/2009
Task: Attached the trim tab to the elevator and mounted on the HS.


Its really started to look like part of an airplane!

Close-up of the left elevator.

Here is the bolt with several washers installed between the elevator control horns. I used a drill bushing I purchased from McMaster-Carr to drill the horns #40 and expanded to 1/4".The bolt and nut are very close to the weld. I had to sand down part of the washer on the far left, next to the nut. The nut shown is also different than the one supplied. Van's supplies an AN365-428 nylok nut, however the edges hit the weld-mount. I called Van's and they suggested I use an MS21042-4 lock nut. It is oblong shaped as a locking feature. I'm still having trouble getting a tool around both the bolt and nut. I need to find a double-offset open-ended wrench and a short socket.