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Empennage - Left Elevator

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Date: 10/02/2009
Task: Drilled the trim tab hinge. Edge finished and primed the trim tab parts

Today I started by clamping the E-721 trim tab hinge in place under the trim tab spar. I first marked in 3/8" from the inboard side. I then lined up that line with the first hole in the trim tab. After using several cleco clamps and checking alignment, I match drilled the hinge through the trim tab skin and spar.

I then deburred all holes and sanded the edges with emery cloth. Next was to the wash bin where I degreased the parts and prepped for priming.

All the trim tab parts primed.

I then mounted the trim servo onto its mounting brackets to check fit. I fabricated two shims out of .032 to u

Then I realized I mounted the brackets incorrectly and reversed them.