Trevor & Dewey's RV-7 Construction Log

Empennage - Left Elevator

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Date: 9/30/2009
Task: Back-riveted the stiffeners to the skin, bent the ends of the trim tab and the elevator skin, riveted the counterbalance skin to the main skin, and clecod the skeleton to the skin.

Today was pretty productive for only working a fwe hours. I started by back-riveting the stiffeners to the elevator skin. Back-riveting goes so quickly and is very easy.

It took no time at all to rivet all the stiffeners to the skin.

Next I borrowed a jig-saw from a fellow builder here at Aurora and cut the wedge for bending the trim tab ends.

Here is one end of the tab bent. I used the method the instructions called out. I used C-clamps to hold the wedges in place, started the bend with a block of wood, and completed the bend with my rivet gun with a flush set at 20 PSI.set at 20PSI

The other side. Looks good!

Next was the main skin tabs. I had to cut another wedge that was the same size as the final skin angle.

The skeleton clecod with the skin to check fit with the trim tab.

Looks great!

Next I clecod the counterbalance skin to the main skin and set 2 AN426AD3-3.5 rivets per side. Once the skeleton goes in, those two holes are not accessable.

The counterbalance was then loosly placed in position with the screws. The skeleton was then inserted and clecod into place.

Final shot of the evening. The skin is ready to be riveted to the skeleton!