Trevor & Dewey's RV-7 Construction Log

Empennage - Left Elevator

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Date: 9/25/2009
Task: Finished final drilling the skeleton, fluted and final drilled the counterbalance skin and ribs, drilled the lead counter weight, and match drilled the skin to the skeleton. Finished by dimpling and deburring all parts.

The E-703 end rib just didn't want to lay flat against the E-704 counterbalance rib. I was able to flute both ribs and adjust with a hand seamer to the point where all the holes aligned with the E-713 counterbalance skin. I then final drilled all holes #40.

I then placed the E-714 counter-weight into the E-613 skin/rib assembly and match drilled #12.

Next I dimpled the two holes in the E-613 skin for #10 screws.

Next I machine countersunk the two holes in the E-714 counterweight.

Next I assembled the skeleton structure, final drilled, and dimpled all the parts.

Then I dimpled the E-701 skin.

Lastly I clecod E-607PP to the trim tab skin (E-6019PP-1-020). Then I clecod and match drilled the E-718EE and E-717 clevis pin brackets to the skin.