Trevor & Dewey's RV-7 Construction Log

Empennage - Right Elevator

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Date: 9/22/2009
Task: Completed the elevator skeleton, built the wood bending brake, bent the elevator skin, and clecod the skeleton into place.

I started with an 8ft 2x8 cut into 50" and 46" lengths. I then clamped them on top of each other and attached the first two hinges.

I then attached two inner hinges in place to complete the bending brake.

Next on the list was to dimple the holes for the fiberglass fairing since the bend is so tight.

Then I clecod the couterbalance skin in place and set two rivets on each side before inserting the skeleton.
This prevents us from having to use pulled rivets.

After riveting E-709 to the main spar, the control horn did not line up perfectly to E-709 despite my efforts. I decided to build a doubler for the back-side of the rib.

Here is a top view. I couldn't figure out what was preventing the horn from lining up. It definetly wasn't the spar.
I suspect it was the bend radius on the rib.

Here is the doubler I fabricated from.032.

The doubler has been primed with NAPA MS-7220 and riveted into place with AN470AD4-5 rivets.

Here are the shop heads. I purposly used slightly longer rivets than the plans called for to account for the doubler. It worked out just fine and will be structurally sound.

The skeleton was then clecod into place.