Trevor & Dewey's RV-7 Construction Log

Empennage - Right Elevator

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Date: 9/21/2009
Task: Riveted the reinforcement plates and nut plates to the main spar. Riveted the two end ribs together, the inboard rib to the main spar, and the end rib assembly to the main spar. The stiffeners were then back-riveted to the skin.
We ran into a problem when we placed the control horn on the spar/rib assembly. The holes in the rib did not match up with the control horn. I'll have to investigate further.

Started with the reinforcement plates and nut plates on the main spar.

Next was riveting the two ribs (E-704/705 together)

Here are the shop heads. They look great!

The completed spar

Next was back-riveting the stiffeners to the skin. It goes VERY fast

All of the stiffeners riveted to the skin