Trevor & Dewey's RV-7 Construction Log

About the RV-7

The Van's Aircraft RV-7 is one of the most popular aircraft kits in the world. It is a 2-person side-by-side sport airplane capable of reaching speeds of up to 215 mph. With a large useful load, the RV-7 is more than capable of supporting two large pilots with up to 100lbs of baggage and 42 gallons of fuel. One of the best features the RV-7 has is its ability to do aerobatics. I've always wanted to do aerobatics and the 7 is the perfect aircraft for that new realm of aviation. Check out the first video below to see some light aerobatics. The second video is a great example of just how fast the RV-7 is.


RV-7 Specifications   RV-7 Performance
Exterior Dimensions   Top Speed 210 mph
      Cruise - 75% 200 mph
Span 25ft   Stall Speed 51 mph
Length 20ft 4 inches      
Height 5ft 10 inches   Solo Weight  
Empty Weight 1100 lbs   Take-Off Distance 270 ft
Gross Weight 1800 lbs   Landing Distance 350 ft
Fuel Capacity 42 gallons   Rate of Climb 2,200 fpm
Power Loading 12.0 - 9.0 lb/hp   Ceiling 23,000 ft
Baggage 100 lbs      
      Gross Weight  
      Take-Off Distance 570 ft
      Landing Distance 500 ft
      Rate of Climb 1650 fpm
      Ceiling 20,500 ft